Kamal’s Dasavatharam

God, there’s been so much hooplah about the film.  It has been in production for heaven knows how long.  Arguably, this has been the most keenly awaited film this year and the level of anticipation has been huge!

At the outset, can i say that I just CANNOT imagine living in the limelight the way Kamalhassan does.  Everything the poor man does is glorified or criticised and be it glory or criticism, it is always extreme.  That would completely take normalcy out of anybody’s life.  I honestly don’t know how people in the public eye deal with this sort of pressure.  Maybe thats why they are so highly paid!!

Any objective movie buff will agree that the sort of talent and passion the man has is completely undeniable.  As an actor, he rocks!  Is there a role that he hasn’t played to perfection?  Why then does he feel the need to immortalise himself on celluloid by relying on make up more than his abundant talent?  Is it because when you reach the pinnacle, the level of expectation is so high that you feel pressured to deliver something out of the ordinary every time?  This I believe is what happened with Dasavatharam.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the movie.  I think it was an entertaining movie, well worth the wait and Kamal is as brilliant as ever.  My personal favourites were the Patti and Naidu.  As the patti, his body language was amazing even though the mask left very little scope to emote with his face.  His portrayal as Naidu was completely without blemish.  Then where is the problem you ask … well, the problem is that the rest of the characters have such low relevance to the script that your average movie goer would definitely question the need for the rest of the characters.  Other than personal glorification I can’t think of any other reason that a seasoned artiste like Kamal would have attempted this movie.  It is sad that the lure of immortality has slightly negated the impact of a good movie!

I find myself thinking of his many classics like 16 Vayadinile, Raja Parvai, Pesum Padam, Nayakan, Mahanadhi, Devar Magan and Anbe Sivam .. just to name a few.  As a fan, each time I go to watch his movie, I expect it to be better than these classics and the last few times, I have been slightly disappointed.  Is there not a director out there who can feed Kamal’s insatiable apetite for acting?  Are we going to watch another Kamal classic ever again?  As a HUGE fan, I certainly hope his best is yet to come.



2 thoughts on “Kamal’s Dasavatharam

  1. வில் வேந்தன் April 8, 2011 / 1:12 pm

    Upward direction to reach the peak that was Nayagan IMHO, now the downward direction!


    • myanasworth April 10, 2011 / 8:17 pm

      Don’t agree … Anbe Sivam, one of his best came way after Nayagan. Also, as a creator he grows each day 🙂

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