Its never black or white …

This world is just so complex.  Nothing is ever straightforward!  There are always several layers of ambiguity.  What appears right in some instances is not right in other instances.  The act may be the same but the verdict is different.  This double standard drives me MAD!  Lets take a simple example – killing.  Killing is always wrong – is that not right?  Apparently not –  killing is not always wrong.  Killing can be right at times?  Let’s consider the following instances:

  • Killing for personal gain
  • Killing to relieve one of pain/suffering (euthanasia)
  • Killing to protect himself/herself from attack
  • Killing enemies to protect the country
  • Killing criminals (what defines criminals) to protect law
  • Killing someone causing harm another human being (rapist, child molester)

The act is the same but the verdict is different.  A woman who kills to protect herself is persecuted under law and the verdict depends entirely on the arguments of her lawyer, a man who kills a rapist is arrested and possibly suffers capital punishment, euthanasia is an offence under any legal system but a cop or a soldier who kills is glorified for the very act.  How does this work?

Alright I say – I am not talking about the legal view here.  I am talking more about the moral view.  In the eyes of God, when we are judged for our deeds, is killing considered right or wrong?  The soldier is human at the end of the day.  Would he not suffer guilt ever at taking a life?  Would he not go fear the ramifications in the eyes of God?  Does religion provide an answer?  No … again it is completely vague.  What is right for one is not right for the other.  What do different faiths say about this?

Hinduism – Each caste has a different set of rights or wrongs.  It is ok for a kshatriya to kill to protect his country and his subjects.  This includes killing innocent people in the name of expanding his kingdom … but it is not ok for any other caste to kill!!

Islam – it is ok to kill to propagate religion and establish faith!!

Christianity – well no matter what you do, if you are truly apologetic, all is forgiven but there is no clear view on killing (unless I am ignorant and don’t know)

Why can there not be a simple clear cut right or wrong answer to everything?  It’s not a tough question to ask, is it?  Or am I too naïve??  If there were simple solutions to everything, wouldn’t life be so much easier?


4 thoughts on “Its never black or white …

  1. Shiva August 13, 2009 / 12:46 pm

    Killing is nothing but a simple act of convenience. You kill someone you hate and conveniently blame it on honour or revenge or religion, three extremely misplaced, misused and over-rated words human beings hide behind across the world. Nothing can justify taking a life…if it can be justified then i’d suicide should be legalized….killing of the self. The act of killing, is an emotional act – a decision one makes when his/her EGO ( Edge God Out) is at its peak. Be it Hinduism or Islam or Christianity or even Jews for that matter one does not have the right to kill another human.

  2. Sands August 13, 2009 / 4:18 pm

    As you said no one right answer for this question. I guess that explains why soldiers go through extreme cases of depression when they return from war. No amount of justification seems to appease their mind.

  3. myanasworth August 13, 2009 / 8:36 pm

    Shiva, wish people would listen to you!!
    Sandy, I do feel for the soldiers : (

  4. Pramod April 2, 2010 / 4:37 am

    I’m confused on this. I’m all for killing as euthanasia – when you know for sure – well, as sure as you can possibly be. It’s probably a heck of a lot of suffering for everyone concerned – more good than bad comes out of it

    Come to think of it – I think killing is ok if more good than bad results

    Of course, that then raises a whole bunch of new questions – good for who, bad for who. Who decides what is good

    So…like I said I’m confused

    But I’m still ok with euthanasia – or even abortion – it’s overall good

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