Age is just a state of mind ….

Ageing is the cruelest reality and dealing with it is HARD!! Some people seem to accept it as inevitable and age gracefully and then there are people who are in constant denial – LIKE ME!! People’s attitudes to ageing vary vastly .………..

I know people who think they’ve lived life at 30 – they believe they’ve seen it all and are too grown up now to hear the inner child in them.

I know people who find religion (not spirituality) when they find there is not much in their life to fill up their day. Religion becomes the ultimate reality and they block out all fun and frivolity from their life. Who ever said religion and good times are mutually exclusive??!!

Then there are people who want to become spiritual and become detached but are too attached to detach – am I making sense??

Then there are old ladies who dress to kill … they put rollers in their hair, wear matching accessory and blush hopelessly when a dapper looking old man as much as greets them on the bus. Despite the ageing bones, skin and ageing everything really, the child in them is very much alive and they still enjoy life!

And these attitudes manifest themselves in the attire and demeanour. Some people are perfectly happy to accept greying hair and wrinkling skin.  They are very comfortable with this and just let it be. Can I say that I admire these people immensely and from the bottom of my heart!

And there are the likes of me … I am in constant denial of my age. I refuse to grow up and still act the way I did when I was in school. Despite reading on deep and pensive topics and being mature at a lot of levels, there is a little girl in me who refuses to grow up. When my friends say – ‘there is a Bhangra and Garba programme and they quickly add I know we are too old for this but the kids may be interested.’, it annoys me no end. I think to myself – ‘grrrrrrr, speak for yourselves people. I am not too old for to dance’!!

Then there is the attire and the external demeanour. I was born a gypsy I think. Rather than wear traditional, expensive gold and diamond jewellery, I have always preferred the cheap dime a dozen sort of jewellery that is available in abundance at any bazaar (you know the ‘raste ka maal sasthe mey’  kind)!! Now that I am ‘not so young’ (I hasten to add that that’s not my view. I live in constant denial. In my head, I am 21 for life and no one can change that – back off, don’t even try!!) – I have serious dilemmas in my head. Do I give up gypsy attire and become more grown up?? I even try and dress elegant and mature but then two days later the gypsy comes back!! I am pretty sure I’ll look like a misfit in my 60’s wearing tribal African earrings and hippy clothes. I will be an anachronism and a total MISFIT but is that so bad??

My aunt who I won’t name here, is my hero!! She is such a breath of fresh air. Despite all odds, she has retained her freshness, innocence and the inner child. She is my inspiration! I wish I could be like her always. What makes her so special … she was affected at a rather young age with an illness which kills her lifestyle. She cannot eat more than spoonfuls which means her body is not strong enough to do all the things that she would have no doubt done had she not been sick but she does not let any of this bother her. She wakes up, goes about her routine which includes prayer, lunch and a generous dose of midday soap and movies. She is so into her entertainment that she calls the stars of these shows to talk to them and give them her review. Of course, her amazing husband is one of the main reasons that she continues to be so positive and spread joy in people’s lives. I admire both of them!! Her latest comment on Facebook – I watched Teri Meherabanian and all dog lovers will love the movie because the dog is the hero and star of the show!!  : )


3 thoughts on “Age is just a state of mind ….

  1. Sands August 14, 2009 / 3:38 pm

    Hmmm. I actually know people in the 1st and 2nd categories you talk about in your post. I have to say I like you am in total denial. I do what I feel like doing and don’t really care if that is geared more for a specific age group in someone’s mind. I dress the way I think works for me and my dimensions, not my age 🙂 As for this aunt, what can I say… she is adorable!

    • Anu August 16, 2009 / 10:50 pm

      What are you trying to do to me – get me into TROUBLE???!!!! I wasn’t thinking about anyone specifically .. I was just thinking about TYPES when I wrote this : )

  2. sole August 27, 2009 / 12:41 pm

    I hadn’t seen this comment until today! So, that’s two people thinking alike!

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