Should I??

I go through dilemmas in life – CONSTANTLY!  I’d like to think I don’t live in a lonely world out here.  Now these dilemmas – they are the boon and bane of my existence.  People who can relate to constantly ‘battling within themselves’ will understand the signficance of this statement …

Some of these are easily addressed:

  1. What do I eat?  Should I binge today?
  2. What colour do I wear today?
  3. Should I hit the gym today?
  4. Should I punch the goddamned specimens who make my life miserable?
  5. Should I yell at the bus driver who hits the brake constantly making it impossible for me to read without feeling a bit queasy?

Others are sort of rhetoric and fall in the ‘not so easy’ category:

  1. Should I be myself or should I conform?
  2. Should I say it as it is or bite my tongue?
  3. Should I prioritise 9 to 5 and sustenance over dreams and ideals?
  4. Should I ‘feel’ and be passionate or be ‘controlled’ and mainstream?
  5. Should I believe people when they tell me life starts at 40?
  6. Should I believe in the cycle of karma?
  7. Am I cut out for a life of hedonistic pleasures or spirituality?
  8. Should I believe that good living = good health or indulge as I am going to kick the bucket anyway?
  9. Should I act like an adult when I’d prefer not to?
  10. Should I start an ashram for restless souls like me or persist with mundane chores normally reserved for those my age?

 And so they go … some are valid, some border on bizarre (and I’ve spared you the bizarre) but as I always say, I am only human!!


2 thoughts on “Should I??

  1. Guddi November 25, 2009 / 7:27 pm

    You prolly know my answer already.. go with what your heart says. 2 good things come out of it- only you are responsible for the end result and there are no regrets. You can continue to use the “only human” line to it too..:) missing you, woman!! 🙂

    • myanasworth November 25, 2009 / 8:01 pm

      Yo babe … I miss you too! You are probably only person I know in this world who can probably relate to me at this level : )

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