My Name is Khan

India – every marketers dream!! Not hard to see why – the growing middle class with oodles of money to spend and so easy to con – with psyche’s that go along the lines of:

  • To be main stream is fashionable. I’d rather be ‘mainstream and mediocre’ rather than be ‘offbeat and original’.
  • I am very sucked in by the packaging. Who cares about the content or substance … if it looks good, I’ll buy it baby!
  • Oh, the people next door have bought it, I must buy it – It doesn’t really matter if I don’t need it. Logic and reason can go out of the window!
  • Everyone says ‘it’ is good – so ‘it’ must be good.

An average Indian must be very naïve and gullible. How else could you explain the success of Karan Johar??!! Among many other thinking and creative film makers who make some amazing films, this man stands out like a rotten apple. Time and again he churns out rubbish and grows in stature. How the hell is this possible? Surely the audience can see through the fact that there is NO evidence of thinking whatsoever, surely they can see that there is very little semblance to reality, surely they can see that they are being sucked in.

Typical formula: Dream Cast – Rich NRI – Fancy Cars, Fancy Clothes – Exaggerated – Highly Melodramatic Individuals – Highly Highly Exaggerated Happy Ending!!

Yes I’ll admit to it – I did watch My Name is Khan and I even cried when the child died but that was only because the child was the only good part of an otherwise awful movie.

“I am going to see the president to give him a message – My Name is Khan and I am not a terrorist” – God I would have thought, that was reasonable grounds to put a person in a lunatic asylum!! He he (you have to imagine me laughing the highly IDIOTIC autistic laugh that SRK had perfected to an art form in the movie) and Kajol – is this really worth coming out of retirement for?

Maybe most people see this as an escape and they are transported to this fairy land for three hours. But then if I wanted mindless, I would rather watch Govinda, Vijay or Vadivelu!! At least they are funny!  🙂 🙂


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