Go away you big bullies ….

We get the 6.30am bus into the city every morning. As we have the luxury of having a bus stop at our door step I don’t like stepping out until the last minute. My logic is I don’t like wasting 5 minutes at the bus stop while I could be doing other things. I get ready around 6.15am and spend 15 minutes on the computer checking mails and the news before walking out to the bus stop.

My lovely husband on the other hand goes to the bus stop 5 minutes in advance rain, shine or hail and while waiting there yells out to me (should also read DRIVES ME MAD) to get out at least 3 times before I do eventually get out. I am sure everyone in my neighbourhood and the bus stop is used to this daily drama!!

Today, it was raining and I wanted to sleep in. So I decided to get the later bus and really take my time without ‘a voice in the background’ reminding me to get out. I was really looking forward to taking my own sweet time. Little did I realise that my lovely other half had left behind a clone (and a conscience) in the form of my daughter Shashu Pishashu (SP) to keep me honest. She was at home and offered to keep me company while I got ready. She lay down on my bed totally rugged up and the conversation went along the lines of:

SP: Amma, your *** doesn’t fit you

Me:  Yes mum.  I wish I didn’t have to pick what to wear every morning

SP:  Just do it the night before amma … geez

Me:  Thanks Grandma

SP:  Where’s the blue eyeshadow

Me:  Why are you asking me?  You know where everything is coz you nick everything from me

SP:  I looked for it – couldn’t find it.

Me:  Oh … I trashed it SP

SP:  Geez amma you need to be organised

In the course of this conversation, she had reminded me every two minutes that I had to get out or I’d miss the bus. I said to her – ‘Twit, can you please back off my case’ more than once but she just would not listen. 10 more reminders later, I went to the bus stop and stood there in miserable weather (cold miserable rainy weather) for a good 15 minutes before the bus came. She just stood at the window dressed comfortably in warm clothes LAUGHING!!! I can assure you I felt no motherly love at all. I just wanted to run up the stairs to my house and hit the twit, the bully, the tormentor REALLY HARD!!!

Next time I decide to sleep in I have to make sure I have the house to myself or make sure I lock all the midgets out!


3 thoughts on “Go away you big bullies ….

  1. Sands April 7, 2010 / 2:43 pm

    hee hee. I love the crazy family. Miss them much 😦

  2. The Print Lover April 7, 2010 / 5:22 pm

    Shashu Pishashu – hahha, super nick. Immensely enjoyed this post 🙂

  3. ana April 7, 2010 / 7:57 pm

    Sands – romba raakshasiya irukka vara vara. After this whole episode I said to her last night – what on earth did I do to deserve you and pat comes the reply with a cheeky grin – “amma, you know what you did”. Kashtam kashtam nu talaila adichinden 🙂

    TPL – I live in a house of super routine bound people and the issue is I am a hippie and always in trouble.

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