Everybody hates Marketing ….

Interdepartmental politics and silo’s – reality if you work in a corporate environment.  Every department has its own little squabbles with every other department but what unites them is their common hatred for Marketing and all things Marketing!!  I’ve worked in Marketing for as long as I can remember and this has been true of every place that I’ve worked in.  But the saving grace for me is that I am a strategic marketer as opposed to a mainstream marketer and this makes me slightly more acceptable to other areas than say a ‘brand marketer’!  They all vent to me about my colleagues at marketing.

I’ve recently moved to a new job and have spent a large part of my last month in orientation meetings.  In almost every meeting with people from other departments, they have have had colourful things to say about the Marketing team.  Thought I’d share their lines with you esp as they are quite funny … 

  1. So, you mean you guys have stopped playing with crayons and colour pencils ..
  2. Ok, you’re there to teach them that there is more to a campaign than colour and font …
  3. I’ll help you if you can do me one favour – TELL YOUR TEAM THAT EXCEL IS NOT REALLY AN IT TOOL ….
  4. Oh, can you please tell them that fudging numbers is not a good way to do business case justifications …
  5. There is such a thing called forward planning you know … and we try to do it unlike you and your friends …
  6. Oh, you mean your team is not ‘brainstorming’ in their ivory tower?  Are they actually trying to do some work??
  7. You mean ‘Marketing’ is not a swear word!!
  8. You mean ‘Marketing’ and ‘Intelligent’ are not mutually exclusive!!

What’s worse is my lovely other half is in IT himself and as if it’s not enough that I hear it at work all day, I hear it at home too : – /


2 thoughts on “Everybody hates Marketing ….

  1. Sands July 1, 2010 / 4:59 pm

    How fun. On the bright side, if anybody can take it and deal with it, that would be you 🙂

    • myanasworth July 1, 2010 / 10:29 pm

      I just block them out …. 🙂

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