Did God Create Man or Vice Versa??

I’ve done a lot of questioning in my life. The more I question the more questions arise in my mind. I don’t get answers, I get more questions!! Talking specifically in the context of spirituality, I am yet to find answers that satisfy me. Sometimes I think it is better to just believe and show faith without questioning. It makes life much easier. And that’s what I do! I believe, I pray, I find happiness in my faith but it’s not as if the mind doesn’t question. The eternal problem that a thinking mind faces!

 One of the biggest question of all – ‘Does God really exist?’

I’d like to think that he does. I’d like to think that he created the beautiful world that we live in, that he determined our standing in this world, he makes us do things and shapes our destiny we exist and he ultimately judges us for our deeds. If you are Christian you believe he judges you and determines your ‘after world’ and if you are Hindu, you believe he judges you and determines your next birth. So where is the conflict? Let’s dissect all the above line by line …

He created the beautiful world that we live in …

The world that we live in is an absolute MASTERPIECE. With the stunning flora, fauna, seasons, beauty of each season, the unique creatures that inhabit this beautiful world, surely only a very special power could have created this masterpiece. There is no concrete evidence but the faith does lend credibility to this belief.

He determined our standing in this world …

Now this is one of the most compelling arguments (in my mind) of the existence of God! Still not tangible evidence but evidence nonetheless. How else could you possibly justify the inequality that exists in the world? If you believe in the concept of karma and a superior being determining your stature based on past deeds, it begins to make sense or provide some answers – to me at least! There is a system of justice and ‘good’ ultimately prevails and God is the power that metes out justice!

He makes us do things and shapes our destiny …

He creates us; he nurtures us and makes us do what we do – both good and bad. If he wants to create a perfect and an ideal world where everyone is essentially good, why would he make anyone do anything bad? Shouldn’t we all be objects of peace and harmony? Why should any negative forces exist in the world? This whole concept of Pandora’s box does not make sense to me. So he makes a person commit theft, murder, rape and other crimes and then judges them for it? Why? This is the start of the argument against the existence of God. It just does not make sense.

 He judges us for our deeds ….

I’ve already argued the fact that if our destiny is shaped by him and we are objects of his divine power, he shouldn’t make us do anything unacceptable to him. Now once that is done, while he eventually judges us at our entry into another world, how does he do it? I have serious questions about this process. What is good for one is not good for another. The definition of ‘bad’ can be very subjective- right? Let’s take an example of a murderer. A person who kills is a sinner but if he kills for honour of his country, we celebrate him as a martyr. How does this work in God’s court? An American soldier kills Iraqi soldiers and vice versa. How are they judged?

Let’s take another example. Adultery is generally considered wrong … it is wrong to cheat on your partner because you will hurt them. So if you decide to be honest, confess and ask for a separation and pursue another relationship, does that make it better? Aren’t you still hurting the person either way? So which form of hurt is more acceptable to God?

So, would my God be really judging every single act of mine? All I’ll say is if I was God and I had to judge, I’d go MAD. This just does not seem logical at all and strengthens the argument for atheism.

Alright, what about the other end of the spectrum – There is no God!

Is coincidence the only explanation for the disparity at birth? There are geniuses like Ravi Kiran and Ilayaraja. One two year old identifies musical intricacies when another two year old (from a similar family background) can barely talk two coherent sentences! There has to be a logical explanation for this disparity that goes beyond coincidence! ‘The learning from a past life has manifested itself early on in this life’ makes a lot more sense than the theory of coincidence. The theory of coincidence seems too far fetched for me!

So, what happens when we die? An atheist would say – we cease to exist. So, people regardless of the kind of life they have lived face the same end – they ‘cease to exist’. This seems just too cruel and unfair. At this point I have to say, the concept of God sitting on the judge’s chair to me seems a lot more acceptable than the theory that we just disappear off the face of earth!!

Why won’t someone magically provide me with the answers I seek? Why won’t someone who really knows their stuff come and convince me either way? I am really quite open to both sides of the argument just so long as it is convincing. Until then I continue to live in faith, a theory that seems to provide more answers to me 


3 thoughts on “Did God Create Man or Vice Versa??

  1. 9/11 epic poet July 13, 2010 / 2:53 pm

    My two cents worth:

    First of all, there is a God. The 2nd law of thermodynamics, the law that disorder always increases, proves this. Natural explanations to the creations of the universe (such as the big bang) are forced to include a reference to a “singularity” or other word that describes some event in the past the obviously violated the laws of physics. Another word for this is miracle.

    Second of all, humans are God’s “children.” Jews and Christians, and perhaps other religions as well, believe that humans are created in the image of God. Obviously humans are able to make choices to some degree and even appear capable of love and selflessness, although these actions are often temporary and only go part-way.

    Third of all, humans are definately sinners. According to the Bible (I’m a Christian), Lying, adultery, coveting, and most kinds of hate are wrong. We all do some of these things.

    Fourthly, sin must be judged. You said earlier that if you were God and you had to judge everyone you would “go mad.” That’s because you realized that God can’t go around letting people off the hook just because they feel sorry. You’re right. Sin must be punished. That’s what hell’s for.

    Fifthly, there is a way out. If God is loving, what sense would there be in making a world where everybody sins and goes to hell? If that were the case He’d be a horrible parent! But as God, as the one source of true righteousness, He is the one person who is able to pay our “fine” for us so to speak. This is why, in a very selfless way, God Himself (actually Jesus, a member of the trinity) literally came to Earth as fully man and fully God and died for our sins.

    Sixth. There’s still a choice to be made. Just as God would not send everyone to hell, He is not going to force everyone into heaven. This is where repentence and faith come in. One has to overcome their arrogance and admit that they need God’s help, and believe that He can help them. God will help you do this, but you have to want it 100%. As you said earlier, repentance in and of itself does not erase sins. God erases sins, but we still have to repent in order to submit to His plan to save us.

    Finally, God is not wrong to put suffering in this world, since we are all sinners and deserve a lot worse (hell). Just because someone is born into a bad situation does not mean that they are a worse person than someone else. We are all horrible sinners, yet we are all infinately valuable as children of God. God loves us all and demands that we love all of each other. But He allows us to suffer because He wants us to be forced to rely on Him for salvation. The glories of heaven will be more than enough to erase all the pain of suffering of this world. On the flip side, the pain of hell will be so much worse, that everything horrible that happened on Earth will seem easy by comparison.

    So this is a very, very condensed version of what I believe. It can all be backed up by numerous verses from the Bible, but I chose not to include any, because this comment was long enough already. I would be happy to answer any questions.

    I appreciate your patience.

    I am praying for you.

    -Daniel Schilling

  2. SB Kolleril July 14, 2010 / 3:10 pm

    Hi Schilling
    U prove yourselves as a true duplicate of any other man of flesh n blood and wish to lead a peaseful life unto death. Let ur wish come true.
    With love

  3. 9/11 epic poet July 15, 2010 / 6:32 pm

    Actually, SB, you misunderstood me. Forgive me if I wasn’t being clear. My ultimate goal is not to live a peaceful life until death. All of my hopes are pinned on what comes after death. Living a peaceful life before I die would be nice, but if Christ wants to be glorified by my suffering, than it is for my best for it to be so.

    I Peter 4:12-13 “Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is about to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you;
    But rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.”

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