Retribution is a bitch!!

I am under a nasty spell …

  • I am just not myself.  I am totally dull, listless, bored and out of sorts.
  • I cannot inspire myself and I refuse to even try.  All I want to do is curl up into a little ball and sleep but I can’t … the brain is still ticking.
  • I have a huge list of really good books to read but I just can’t be bothered.
  • I have hundreds of DVD’s to watch but I can’t get myself to watch a thing.
  • I think to myself – I think I should go out and pamper myself.  That will make me feel better but lethargy gets in the way and the body refuses to budge.
  • There are hundreds of things waiting to be done but I procrastinate deliberately and persist with this trance … almost as if I enjoy feeling this way.

The spell that has been cast over me is total – I am bored, uninspired, lethargic and apathetic.  I walk around listlessly and refuse to do even the most routine things.

    Around me, I hear people say:

    • Whats wrong with her today?
    • Its hormones!!
    • Bloody PMS …
    • She really must do something about this …
    • Dude, don’t go close to her.  She’ll chew your brain …

    Their comments evoke NO response.

    I tell myself that it’s all in the mind and it is within my control to restore buoyancy.  I ignore the voice and say to the voice in response – ‘Shut your face Miss Know it All.  I don’t want to hear you.  If I want to mope, mope I WILL!!’

    I mope around all day just existing.  Sleep comes as a welcome relief … I sleep like a log.

    The next day dawns and brings with it freshness and energy.  I am myself again!

    I reflect on the previous day – what was my problem?  Why was I the way I was?

    At this point my brain responds rather candidly – “No hard feelings love, but you are a pain!  You have abused and tortured me systematically to the point that I’ve just HAD IT!  This  spell I cast on your periodically is my revenge!”

    Is this what they mean when they say ‘Retribution is a bitch!!’?? 🙂 🙂 🙂


    2 thoughts on “Retribution is a bitch!!

    1. வில் வேந்தன் April 7, 2011 / 2:48 pm

      I am knackered-ன்னு சொல்றதுக்கு இத்தனை வார்த்தைகளா? அம்மாடியோவ்! 🙂


      • myanasworth April 10, 2011 / 8:17 pm

        yeah … I am a person of many words … obviously!!

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