Thou to me the flowing light ….

You are my light, I am your vision

You are my nectar, I am the enchanted bee

You are my rains, I am your dancing peacock

You are my harmony, I am your music

You are my love, I am the magnet that lures you 

You are my scripture, I am your knowledge

The message he is trying to convey is – ‘you are my inspiration’. So many analogies to just communicate this message! Was she really the inspiration or was he a genius? Why are others not able to translate their deepest emotions into beautiful lyrics like this? How lucky is this woman who has inspired song after song! To have lived in his era and to have known him is a blessing but to be his love and the object of his affection!!

What you see above is my own translation of some of the lines of ‘Paayum Oli Nee’ by Subramanya Bharathi. I was astounded to read his own English translation of this poem and I now truly believe that writing is an inborn skill. I never had any questions that Bharathi is truly a once in a lifetime poet but his capacity to write equally eloquently in two languages is just mind blowing! I wish I could go back in time and meet him or I wish I could meet him in my next life and at the risk of being called greedy be his love and inspiration!!

Here is his beautiful translation of his own poem …


Thou to me the flowing Light And I to thee discerning sight;

 Honied blossom thou to me, Bee enchanted I to thee;

O Heavenly Lamp with shining ray,

O Krishna,Love,O nectar-spray

With falt’ring tongue and words that pant

Thy glories here I strive to chant


Thou to me the harp of gold And I to thee the finger bold;

Necklace shining thou to me New-set diamond I to thee;

 O mighty queen with splendour rife

 O Krishna,Love,O well of life,

Thine eyes do shed their light on all

Wherev’r turn,their beams do fall


Rain that singeth thou to me; Peacock dancing I to thee;

Thou to me the juice of grape And I to thee the cup agape;

O spotless Beauty,Krishna bright,

Perennial fount of deep delight,

O Love,thy face hath grace divine

 For there the deathless

Truth doth shine


Silver moonlight thou to me, Exulting Ocean I to thee,

Thou the basic harmony And I the song that moveth free;

 Dear as eyesight,Krishna,mine,

 O Massed-up,sweet,immortal wine

Unceasing yearns my mind to scan

Thy endless charm,but never can


Inlaid perfume thou to me, Petalled blossom I to thee,

Thou to me the Inner Thought And I to thee the word it wrought;

 O honeyed Hope,O Krishna fair, O Joy,

O’er flowing everywhere, O Star of love,do teach me,pray,

To sing thy praise in fitting lay


Deep Attraction thou to me Living magnet I to thee,

 Thou to me the Veda pure And I to thee the Knowledge sure;

Voice vibrant of the world’s desire

 O Krishna Love all-quickening fire,

In utter stillness here i see

Thy face that yieldeth ecstasy


As life to Pulse and gold to rings,

As star to planet,soul to things,

 So Krishna,Love,art thou to me; Thou,the force,I Victory

And all the joys of Heaven and Earth In thee,

O Krishna,have their birth Ethereal glory,

endless Might O Heart of Mine,O Light,O Light!


2 thoughts on “Thou to me the flowing light ….

  1. minus November 11, 2011 / 5:35 am

    I immigrated to Canada at a very young age, and as result, even though tamil is my mother tongue, I cant read or write it.
    Bharathi’s nallathor veenai caught me like no other song and he alone inspired me to learn to read and write tamil. Your posts are very enlightning and your translations do his work justice. Dont stop what your doing.

    • myanasworth November 11, 2011 / 9:54 am

      Thank you! I’ll try to keep going … 🙂

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