The world is a stage …

“All the world’s a stage and

All the men and women are merely players

They have their exits and their entrances.”

It isn’t until you go through life in all its glory that you really see the truth of these words.  There seems to be a script that has been written for you but you yourself are not privy to!  A lot of times, I watch my life from the outside and wonder the profound significance of these words.

The beautiful world with all its magic and mystery is the stage and the players…….

The many people who enter your life, travel through it with you, exit your life –  only to re-enter your life most unexpectedly.

The many experiences these travellers give you, the gamut of emotions they all put you through and the many lessons they teach you.

The various states that you find yourself in – happy, sad and all the in-between states – happy-sad, sad-sad, sad-happy, the laughter, magic, exhilaration, the climb to the peak, the fall to the troughs and the rise to the peak again,

So many questions!  It would be good to know answers to all these questions –

why do people come into your life,

who brings them into your life,

what is their purpose in your life or what is your purpose in theirs,

why do they leave you half way through,

why do they come back again,

do you ever meet them ‘beyond’,

why are mismatched people thrown together,

why do you do things despite knowing fully well that this will cause anxiety and pain,

why humans are innately animals of instinct, why are they disciplined and made to feel guilty about their instincts,

why do they get themselves into situations that you know are bad for them,

why can there not be eternal happiness in a world where no one hurts anyone and there is peace and tranquillity all round?

I could go on and on and on … so many questions, especially when you learn to look at life from outside.  Philosophers have eloquently written about this state of confusion.  Those who rely on religion preach that faith is the only release from this ‘state’

Annamayya sang:

nAnATi baduku nATakamu
gAnaka gannadi kaivalyamu (nanAti)

puTTuDayu nijamu pOvuDayu nijamu naTTa naTimi pani nATakamu
eTTa eduTa kaladI prapanchamu kaTTa kaTapaDitI kaivalyamu

“This day to day existence is nothing but a play.  Everything is clear except the end – liberation or salvation.  The only truths are that we are born and we die – all else is illusion.  The world that we are born in is the start and liberation is the end.  There are many things we need to live through, experience and learn from before we are liberated. “

No one knows for sure though.  No one has seen light yet!  Wouldn’t it be nice to see the master plan and see our place in this grand plan?


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