And again …. another holiday

The level of restlessness is now somewhere in between ‘not long to go’  to ‘why doesn’t the damn clock move’ ..

So many ‘experiences’ awaiting me and giving me the biggest sense of anticipation …

So many dates with friends – the biggest dilemma is ‘how do I fit it all without upsetting my folks!’

The sights, smells and noise that usually attack my senses the minute I reach are starting to haunt my every waking moment already …  I feel the colour and vibrancy already!

I can smell the neem tree, the aroma of spices in my neighbours freshly cooked meals  and the fresh smell of the ocean already …

I can already hear the loud honk of horns, the sound of traffic, loud music blaring in the background , the sound of midday soapies and the latest film hits playing loud in every house ….

I can already see huge gorgeous kids, beautiful ladies with long hair and jasmine strands in their hair, 4 people on a two wheeler, bill boards, processions, flowers, quaint markets, roadside food stalls and markets, footpath homes …

The swing in the balcony is already beckoning out me in my dreams and saying ‘come to me my darling.  I am waiting for you’  …

So many events to attend … so many people to meet .. so many places to see .. so many things to buy and in so little time!!  I say ‘Not fair that it has to be so short but thank you God for the simple pleasures in life’ …



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