En pettai la naan pistha …

The Indian cricket team has had a dismal tour of Australia.  After being totally demolished in the test series, they’ve done marginally better in the limited over games but not emphatic enough to make an entry into the finals without having to rely on other teams performing badly.  The fans hurled abuse on the team, called for heads to roll and hung their heads in shame!  Then miraculously India won one game against Srilanka – a win huge enough to get them bonus points.  With this win all the wrongs have been set right.  The woes of the entire season are forgotten with this ‘spectacular’ victory!! 

The poor performance of the team during the season will be forgotten with this one win like it happened with the English tour earlier.  They got walloped and came back miserable – a far cry from the ‘number one test team’.  Then the English cricket team toured India and got beaten.  Everything was forgotten.  They were heroes again!   The lions roared in our backyard.  

Send them across the seas and the roaring lions turn into hapless kittens.  I hear in response, ‘but it is only a game’!  If it is only a game, maybe they shouldn’t be paid the ridiculous amounts of money they get paid. 

When are the powers and the lords of cricket in India going to wake up and take a long term strategic approach and set right this pathetic state of affairs instead of making ridiculous quotes like these.

“England won 5-0 in England. They came here within a month or two and they lost 5-0. Last time, after our loss to England, I had said that we will beat them when they visit India,”

“It is a case of Australians played better in their home conditions,” he added.

 “Next New Zealand is coming to India and it will be followed by England and Australia. We will beat these three teams on our own soil. They cannot beat us here and we will feel very happy”

We are happy to create backyard heroes.  Amen!


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