Cambodia and Vietnam through my eyes ….

It is hard to find inspiration in the rut of day to day existence and then suddenly one little experience changes that.  You are so inspired and energised that fatigue vanishes and all you want to do is revel in the experience forever.  For me inspiration came to me on a platter in the form of a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.  During the entire course of my visit, everything I saw inspired me.  The sights, the sounds, the whole experience was so inspiring that I decided I had to share.  I wanted to memorise in my mind every little detail I saw, write about it and share it with anyone who cared to read.   There were so many thoughts, so many little conversations in my head as I travelled through these amazing destinations.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to try and write about all the thoughts that went through my head and for once, I know that it will be a riveting read.  The subject itself is so interesting that not even I could possibly make it boring!!  And these pages on Cambodia and Vietnam will be based on my observations alone which means you will have to allow for a certain amount of poetic justice!! 

 With all the disclaimers out of the way … here we go!  As is always the case with thoughts, my thoughts were very scattered with no common thread.  I will put each of my scattered thoughts as a separate post so it’s easy for everyone.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am going to enjoy writing this!


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